Tree MuscleTerminally Infatuated with the ineffable beauty of our universe, Katie Maux is a compassionate geek who dreams of dissolving the wall between “natural remedy” and “modern science” to expose the fertile soil of information from which the two are grown.

An education in microbiology, supported by an expertise in service, and an innate empathic disposition, she is equipped to deliver an elucidation for even the diehard denier.

Vivacious thinker, Spiritual epicurean, Black-Sheep goddess, Authentic helper, Genuine Dreamer; she is awed by the universe’s existence and our ability to examine it.

Armed with an open heart, a curious brain, and a vivacious soul, Katie Maux champions a return to science on our quest to live harmoniously with each other and our planet.

Cultivating a deeper connection to the universe, our earth, and one another through science

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