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Mission: Science Champion

My mission is to cultivate a deeper connection to the universe, our earth, and one another through science.  By tending the information of professional scientists, I aim to offer a bountiful harvest of reliable and accessible evidence based research to further our mindful, intelligent path toward a compassionate society.  We are fallible creatures with (mostly) good intent who have plowed forward with industry and technology as our tools to create a better existence.  We have made numerous mistakes along the way and have lost our compassion not only for the source of the inaccuracy, but also for ourselves for accepting it as an undeniable truth.  Technology increases exponentially, unfortunately our ability to fully comprehend the advancement is insurmountable, which is why specialization and our informed confidence in the specialists is necessary to our future.  I challenge us to forge a movement toward a compassionate, intelligent way of life using science as our tool, in which we incorporate the desire to live harmoniously on the earth using our ever increasing technological advancements.

We all acknowledge the earth is our home.  In order to lead rich, congruent lives on earth, we need to accept the principles presented by science, which is the examined study of the natural world.  Professional scientists are devoted to a life-long pursuit of explaining the natural phenomena and they are the ones we should turn to as reliable sources of information.  Increase in sources of information have yielded a plethora of unfounded statements masquerading as evidence based research.  Returning to the source of information, we are able to discern its validity and this is what I, as a science writer, aim to offer.  While science is a studious profession, it is far from dull.  Musings come from all sorts of questions, like why can’t you drink a gallon of milk in an hour? Or, why do B vitamins diminish a hangover? Or, can yogurt be used to get rid of a yeast infection?  In studying science and the research of professional scientists, I will offer a tangible interpretation for non-scientists.  A question explored via the scientific method, generates a body of information which not only answers the original query, but also begets new questions.  There are no answers, only more questions.  Yet, with the advent of a new question from previously gained knowledge we live a more examined, harmonious life on earth.

The more we learn the less we know; learning more allows us to to open our hearts and minds to the ineffable space in which we cohabit.  The pursuit of science also means knowing when new information is presented, we need to shift our thinking and incorporate the new data.  Being compassionate not only with ourselves as fallible beings, but also with those who have stood on a soap box and proclaimed righteousness, is the path to a unified society.  If we allow compassion to lead us, we change the way we approach each other and the generations before us that sometimes got it wrong (even though their intent was generally for the better). We should not allow ourselves to practice cognitive dissonance, but to pursue intelligent alignment of incongruous information.  For example, we know smoking is bad for our health, yet we continue to smoke; we should not practice cognitive dissonance in saying some part of it is healthy, but accept it is bad and we are harming ourselves in the process, thereby accepting the inconsistently held belief.  By approaching our acquisition of knowledge with compassion, we remain fluid in our learning, avoiding the ignorant stagnancy of hatred.

Fear is natural and essential to our survival, but in some aspects of our lives it is a great detriment.  We are continuously evolving beings and our technology is evolving at an even greater rate.  Increasing technological advancements brings about the need for specialization and trust in specialists.  There is no way for each of us to know everything, but there is a way for a person to specialize in a field and be a resource for the rest of us.  I will never pretend to fully understand how the internet or computers work, but I don’t have to, because I know enough to function with this technology and how to find the tech geeks to assist my usage of it.  I am able to make an educated assessment of another’s ability in their field, I can trust they are qualified to handle the query I present to them or find someone to assist further.  By opening our hearts and minds to lifelong learning, we enable our society to push forward in harmony with the advancements we have discovered in our universe.

How did a line get drawn between our reverence and curiosity of the natural world and the very methodology that allows us to examine it?  Comprehending the intricacies of our ineffable universe, offers us a deeper connection to our thriving planet and also, to each other.  Science and our trust in the professional scientists can challenge us to grow with technology while becoming a congruently compassionate society.  As a champion of science, I intend to share the principles of our universe with a heartfelt curiosity.  Again, I challenge us to forge a movement toward a compassionate, intelligent way of life using science as our tool, in which we incorporate the desire to live harmoniously on the earth using our ever increasing technological advancements.

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